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    It all started with an idea to build a superior T-shirt...

    In 1996, Under Armour was born with the original 0039 Compression T-shirt that boosts muscle performance and wicks moisture, keeping athletes cool, dry, and light.


    Coldgear Mock

    Because temperature doesn't stop an athlete from training...

    The original Under Armour® ColdGear® Mock gave athletes the ability to battle the elements with a soft, brushed inner layer that circulates heat and an element- battling outer layer that keeps you dry and protected.

    Turfgear Gearline

    • The long sleeve version of our Heat Gear. The reinforced sleeves protect arms from abrasion and burns while giving you the ‘tight look’ and performance of the teams that wear Under Armour on Sundays.
    • Cool, dry and totally protected.

    o   Lightweight design

    o   Moisture Transport System

    o   Second-skin design

    o   Reinforced turf sleeve

    o   LockerTag technology




    • The most comfortable T-shirt you have ever worn. The microfiber fabric pulls moisture off of your skin keeping you cool and dry. The perfect oversized T-shirt for training.

    Jog Bra #0034

    • Reliable support and comfort.

    Grippie sleeves (00326G “Grippie” LS Turfshirt)

    • Molded rubber grippie sleeves on forearms and biceps for a better grip on the ball or your opponent. 

    Performance grey 

    • Combines our Moisture Transport System with your broken-in gray T-shirt. It’s the pure prototype, taken form the technicians before any treatments or dyes could be applied. What you get is the feel of loose cotton AND Under Armour performance.

    Men’s performance underwear (0066 SportBrief, 0067 BoxerBrief, 0068 BoxerShort)

    • We took the exclusive Under Armour fabric, a lightweight and silky blend engineered for breathability and moisture transport, and added four-way stretch to give it reliable recovery all day long, wash after wash. The result? No more binding, no more sweat-soaked, irritable drawers. Just cool, dry comfort and support. 
    First women's line
    • When Under Armour was ready to roll out a full line for women, we consulted some of the best female athletes in the world. We tested for sizing and performance, we surveyed for comfort and style. After years of research and development, Under Armour introduced Women’s Performance Gear exclusively sized, fitted and designed for athletic women.



    Youth line

    • The Under Armour Youth Collection offers the performance of the Under Armour fabric in a smaller size, designed to fit tight while providing the safety and moisture management to protect against the dangerous overheating kids typically experience while wearing cotton T-shirts in hot weather.

    Power in Pink line

    • The UA Power in Pink line celebrates the many women who use fitness and exercise to stay healthy, and serves as a platform to help raise awareness about breast health. As a result of the line’ success, UA was able to commit a gift of $10 million to create the Under Armour Breast Health Innovation Center in the Skip Viragh Cancer Outpatient Building at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The collection carries everything from performance wear to accessories, ensuring that women can be always be powerful in pink. 
    • MPZ (Modular Protection Zone) technology builds ultralight, ultra-durable protection into our moisture wicking HeatGear line. Bolstered padding with an abrasion-resistant outer layer, built into the key contact zones. 
    First football cleat

    Armour Fleece

    • Armour Fleece revolutionized the way athletes move in the cold. The signature Armour Fleece fabrication combines a soft, brushed inner layer with a smooth, fast-drying outer layer, while a comfortable interior traps heat for complete warmth without the bulk of a winter coat. Athletes can stay cozy and agile as they exercise outside, no matter what temperatures they’re facing. 
    Softball cleated footwear
    • Men’s and women’s cleated footwear launched together in 2007, with quite a few styles.

    Performance outerwear

    • Our outerwear is designed from the inside out with signature Under Armour construction: lightweight, durable, and quiet fabrics, stretch built in where you need it most, and protection from the elements. Worn with your base and mid layers, UA Outerwear lets you perform at your peak on any terrain, in any condition.

    New Prototype non-cleated training shoe

    • UA’s New Prototypes leave everything behind. This state-of-the-art, non-cleated training shoe speaks to athletes who train to compete at a higher level than the competition and play to win. 

    Performance running footwear 

    • Now we’re applying the principles that launched the performance apparel industry to deliver performance footwear. Cleats that maximize moisture transport, agility and support, while minimizing weight.

    Recharge Suit

    • The revolutionary compression fit helps muscles recover quicker so you're back to 100% faster than ever. 50% less soreness, 50% less fatigue, and 30% more power after a workout or game. That's exactly what the Recharge® suit was built to give you.

    Team USA Olympic Bobsled Speed Suit

    The one-piece speed suit was custom designed for the 2010 Olympic Bobsled teams using a unique design of Under Armour ColdGear® compression fabric.

    The suit keeps the athletes warm, dry, and light on the track by wicking moisture away from their bodies. The suit also supports muscles with strategic compression that's highly mobile to boost strength and maintain a full range of motion.

    Micro G basketball shoes 

    The end of old-school foam cushioning. It’s practically weightless and incredibly low to the ground, which gives you quickness. Lethal quickness.

    o   It’s lighter than traditional foams, so you move faster.

    o   It’s lower than traditional foams, so you cut quicker.

    o   It’s bouncier than traditional foams, so you elevate higher.

    o   It’s stronger than traditional foams, so you feel cushioned longer.


    With technology years in the making, the revolutionary design of the UA Coreshorts supports your entire core and boosts performance, so you run your fastest and beat your man down the field, court, or ice every time. 

    Armour39™ COMPRESSION SHIRT (formerly known as E39)

    Armour39 Compression Shirt (Formerly Known as E39)

    The UA Armour39™ is an Under Armour compression shirt fitted with electronic touchpoints that track the body's natural biometric signals and send them to a tiny device on the front of the shirt that we call "The Bug." The Bug easily transmits data to a computer, where trainers, coaches, and the athlete can review it and react to help the athlete constantly get better.

    Charged Cotton

    In '96, we changed the game and built a better T-shirt with our sweat-wicking, fast-drying synthetic. After years of declaring cotton is the enemy, the Brand took what Mother Nature made and made it better. Charged Cotton® has the comfort of cotton, but dries much faster and performs with an athlete's boby.

    Charged Cotton Storm

    It's everything you love about cotton—but a lot better. Old school cotton soaks up water like a sponge and weighs you down. UA Charged Cotton® Storm is water-resistant, so you stay warm, dry, and fast. Now, whether you're on the mountain, running, practicing, or playing, you don't have to worry about the weather.



    UA uses coldblack® technology, a revolutionary fabric that reflects even the nastiest heat. So whether you're running a marathon in the desert or just playing 18 holes in the summer heat, black out the sun... and stay cool, dry & protected.

    UA Spine Venon Running Shoe

    Lightweight cushioning. Flexible support. UA Spine technology gives athletes every advantage in one system: light, responsive cushioning with flexible but supportive comfort. You'll never have to sacrifice cushioning for stability ever again.

    UA Highlight cleat

    Super-High. Ridiculously light. No more tape. No more extra weight. Just shockingly light, super-streamlined, fully locked in speed. That's what you get from UA CompFit® technology. With incredible support and feel around your ankle, you'll be able to fly downfield better than ever.

    The Armour Bra

    The revolutionary Armour Bra™® has ended every woman's fight with her sports bra. The Armour Bra™ lets you choose both your band and cup size, so it fits your body perfectly. Now, instead of squeezing into a small or falling out of a large, you've got a bra that feels like it was made just for you. In other words...it's perfect.


    UA C1N MC, Cam Newton’s Signature Cleat

    Super-High. Impossible to stop. Build for Cam Newton, the QB of the future. The shoe’s Icy Diamond synthetic upper offers durability in a sleep, go-fast design, while the molded 4D Foam footbed reduces cleat pressure and forms to the foot for optimal comfort. This convergence of brand-new technologies means you can join Cam Newton and usher in a new caliber of performance footwear.

    UA Speedform

    With the UA Speedform, we destroyed the rules of footwear construction. This is what fast feels like, only the originators of performance apparel could make the ultimate performance ”moon shot” a running shoe that actually fits. We took inspiration from spacesuits and paired it with the material innovation of a bra to create the seamless heel cup… the holy grail of fit.


    Mag Zip

    We fixed zippers! Closure clicks & holds together for easy, struggle-free zipping that can survive even your toughest outdoor adventure.

    Curry One

    Steph Curry made his UA debut with the Curry One, a basketball shoe designed to forever change the game. The Charged Cushioning absorbs impact and converts it into responsive quickness, while the AnaFoam upper delivers body-mapped fit, lightweight structure, and support. Each Curry One features Curry’s signature SC30 logo and the quote “I CAN DO ALL THINGS” written on the padded mesh tongue.

    UA Clutchfit

    ClutchFit Technology, a second skin of advantage that activates under pressure, locking you in with superior fit and feel. We took our signature compression technology—the stuff beloved by athletes everywhere—and we added our exclusive new Clutchfit pattern. It expands and contracts to form to the contours of your body, both at rest and in motion. It doesn’t just fit you…it fits how you move. 


    Roots of fight collection

    Introducing the Roots of Fight Boxing Collection, a collaboration between Roots of Fight and Under Armour. This partnership pays tribute to the pioneers of preparation. It’s a celebration of a level of hard work most people can’t even comprehend, but every single person in the world respects. #IWILL

    UA Record

    Making good on its promise to break into wearable tech, Under Armour launched UA Record, the world’s definitive health and fitness network dedicated to helping you lead a healthier life. You can track, analyze, and share your fitness activity with the first ever social network for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. By simply connecting your fitness device with a family of health and wellness apps, you can monitor your activity, sleep, workouts, and nutrition, all with the touch of a button.

    Curry Two

    Precision fit. Responsive cushioning. Maximum control. Control the game with the seamless precision fit and quick feel of the Curry Two’s speedform technology. The shoe’s heel and midfoot shanks lock in stability through the heel and eliminate sliding. Charged Cushioning absorbs impact throughout the entire shoe and converts it into a responsive burst to make your first step and every change of direction explosive. The Curry Two turned rookies into All-Stars with real innovation that works.

    Fat Tire GTX Shoe

    The Fat Tire Gore-Tex Shoe can turn even the most unforgiving mountain terrain into your new playground.  In 2015 this shoe won the “Outside Gear Of The Show” award inspired by the tires used on fat bikes, which run at lower PSI and bounce over tough terrain, giving riders the ability to go through anything and everything. That versatility is now available to all athletes, thanks to the shoe’s 100% waterproof Gore-Tex construction and Michelin Wild Gripper outsole.

    Drive One Golf Shoe

    Combine lightweight breathability and aggressive power with the UA Drive One Golf Shoe. Performance microfiber uppers treated with Outdry® waterproofing deliver comfort in any conditions. Removable dual density sockliners combine with Micro G® midsole foam to create support through the stroke. Anatomically engineered outsoles fitted with CHAMP® Zarma Tour® spikes generate superior traction to offer game-changing support and style.



    Cool Switch cools your body & skin so you can perform longer. As you heat up and sweat, the “crystal” pattern inside your shirt activates, drawing heat away from your body and cooling your skin at the same time. The innovation has been proven to keep you cooler and empower you to perform longer. When everyone else is falling off, you just “flip the switch” and keep going hard.

    ColdGear Reactor Jacket  

    You can stay warm in even the coldest weather with the Under Armour ColdGear Reactor Jacket. Its intelligent insulation adapts to any activity for non-stop comfort and total versatility, and UA’s exclusive MagZip closure clicks and holds together for easy, struggle-free zipping.  With built-in wind-resistant and water-repelling technology, Mother Nature will never cramp your style, or your workout, again.

    Swacket Platform

    UA’s latest outerwear innovation is part sweatshirt, part jacket, all performance. Its dual layer, wind-resistant fleece keeps you warm, while its water-resistant UA Storm technology keeps you dry. The exposes fleece hood repels water without sacrificing breathability, and the woven overlays add protection and hold in warmth. The Swacket is your new go-to for a stellar performance outside of the gym, whatever the weather.

    Speedform Slingshot

    Back in 2014, Under Armour’s footwear team was given a challenge. Analyze the world’s fastest runners…and make them even faster. In other words: defy the limits of speed. NASA-born Dyneema—the world’s strongest fiber—is woven into the upper. It’s stronger than steel but so light that it floats on water. Below that, the team built a Pebax propulsion plate into the midsole. Like a launching pad, it maximizes energy at toe-off for explosive movement.