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    It all started with an idea to build a superior T-shirt...

    In 1996, Under Armour was born with the original 0039 Compression T-shirt that boosts muscle performance and wicks moisture, keeping athletes cool, dry, and light.


    Because temperature doesn't stop an athlete from training...

    The original Under Armour® ColdGear® Mock gave athletes the ability to battle the elements with a soft, brushed inner layer that circulates heat and an element- battling outer layer that keeps you dry and protected.

    50% less soreness, 50% less fatigue, and 30% more power after a workout or game. That's exactly what the Recharge® suit was built to give you. The revolutionary compression fit helps muscles recover quicker so you're back to 100% faster than ever.

    The one-piece speed suit was custom designed for the 2010 Olympic Bobsled teams using a unique design of Under Armour ColdGear® compression fabric.

    The suit keeps the athletes warm, dry, and light on the track by wicking moisture away from their bodies. The suit also supports muscles with strategic compression that's highly mobile to boost strength and maintain a full range of motion.


    With technology years in the making, the revolutionary X Band design of the UA Coreshorts supports your entire core and boosts performance, so you run your fastest 40 and beat your man down the field, court, or ice every time. But don't take our word for it. Just ask the pro football, baseball, basketball, soccer & hockey players around the world who use them. BELIEVE IN THE X!

    Armour39™ COMPRESSION SHIRT (formerly known as E39)

    The UA Armour39™ is an Under Armour compression shirt fitted with electronic touchpoints that track the body's natural biometric signals and send them to a tiny device on the front of the shirt that we call "The Bug." The Bug easily transmits data to a computer, where trainers, coaches, and the athlete can review it and react to help the athlete constantly get better.


    In '96, we changed the game and built a better T-shirt with our sweat-wicking, fast-drying synthetic. After years of declaring cotton is the enemy, Under Armour took what Mother Nature made and made it better. Charged Cotton® has the comfort of cotton, but dries much faster and performs with an athlete's body.


    It's everything you love about cotton—but a lot better. Old school cotton soaks up water like a sponge and weighs you down. UA Charged Cotton® Storm is water-resistant, so you stay warm, dry, and fast. Now, whether you're on the mountain, running, practicing, or playing, you don't have to worry about the weather.


    When the sun's blazing, ordinary fabrics—especially dark ones—absorb UV rays and heat up quick, meaning you sweat harder, fatigue faster & lose focus. But not anymore. UA uses coldblack® technology, a revolutionary fabric that reflects even the nastiest heat. So whether you're running a marathon in the desert or just playing 18 holes in the summer heat, black out the sun... and stay cool, dry & protected.


    The revolutionary Armour Bra™® has ended every woman's fight with her sports bra. The Armour Bra™ lets you choose both your band and cup size, so it fits your body perfectly. Now, instead of squeezing into a small or falling out of a large, you've got a bra that feels like it was made just for you. In other words... it's perfect.


    Super-High. Ridiculously light. No more tape. No more extra weight. Just shockingly light, super-streamlined, fully locked in speed. That's what you get from UA CompFit® technology. With incredible support and feel around your ankle, you'll be able to fly downfield better than ever.


    Lightweight cushioning. Flexible support. UA Spine technology gives athletes every advantage in one system: light, responsive cushioning with flexible but supportive comfort. You'll never have to sacrifice cushioning for stability ever again.


    Armour39™ is the first-of-its-kind performance monitoring system for athletes that measures your WILLPower™. Simply, put it tells you how hard you worked. No more guessing.