Who Makes Our Products

Many of the specialty fabrics used in our products are technically advanced textile products developed by third parties. The fabric used to manufacture our products is sourced by our manufacturers from suppliers pre-approved by us.

Substantially all of our products are manufactured by unaffiliated manufacturers. In 2006, our products were primarily manufactured in Asia, Central and South America and Mexico. All manufacturers are evaluated for quality systems, social compliance and financial strength by our quality assurance team prior to being selected on an ongoing basis. We strive to qualify multiple manufacturers where appropriate for particular product types and fabrications. We also actively seek out vendors that can perform multiple manufacturing stages, such as procuring fabric and providing finished products, helping us to reduce the cost of goods sold. We enter into a variety of agreements all of our manufacturers, including non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, and we require that all of our manufacturers adhere to a code of conduct regarding quality of manufacturing and working conditions and other social concerns. We do not, however, have any long-term agreements requiring us to utilize any manufacturer, and no manufacturer is required to produce our products in the long term.

We also manufacture a limited number of products in our quick turn, Special Make-Up Shop, located at our distribution facility in Glen Burnie, MD. This 17,000 square-foot shop is stocked with our fabric in multiple colors to help build and ship products on tight deadlines for high-profile athletes, leagues, and teams. While the products manufactured in the quick turn, Special Make-Up Shop represent an immaterial portion of our total net revenues, we believe the facility helps us to provide superior service to select customers.