Sustainability at Under Armour

As our company has evolved, Sustainability has always been part of our DNA. To us, Sustainability calls to mind our CEO and founder’s calls to action: make great products and back them with a Universal Guarantee of Performance. Be efficient with resources: make $1 spend like $3. Our values are the North Star that guides us on our mission: to make you better. Sustainability is also knit into our strategy – to meet the expectations of our customers, investors, and other stakeholders. It fuels our growth sprint, and through it, we're weaving into our daily operations practices that will maximize our opportunities and help us to manage both costs and risks while preserving future growth.

Each year, teams across Under Armour seek to execute our plan, and in it, we set a high bar for our performance. As our company grows, our Sustainability vision, systems and practices grow with it. At Under Armour, it is our passion to inspire and we are committed to making the right call: with factories, in how we source and design, in our operations, and by adding value to the communities in which we work, build and run our stores and offices, distribute our products, and where our products are made. No plan, however well drawn, survives intact after first contact with actual conditions. We WILL adapt and FIND A WAY when we see that the map differs from the terrain or as we innovate and chart a new path: our path. We may zag, when others would zig.


Sustainability at Under Armour supports innovation: it's not just what we are now, but what we WILL be. Our guiding sustainability goals include:

Engaging with suppliers to support the factories that, and workers who, make our products

Improving our materials and design, which determine a significant share of our impacts from our vision to products’ end of life – and is an area where we have more control to promote cleaner and healthier environments

Enhancing sustainable practices in our corporate, retail, logistics, and owned manufacturing operations


At Under Armour, we recognize that some of the challenges we address through our Sustainability program are larger than us: they include complex, and sometimes, global and industry issues that exceed the influence we can exert to solve them by acting alone. Still, we work for continuous improvement throughout our value chain instead of standing on the sidelines waiting for perfection. We WILL succeed, however, by mobilizing our team, engaging with our supplier teammates, and aligning with other committed companies. We collaborate on Sustainability issues with business partners that form, and brands that share, our supply chains and are willing to face complex challenges with us. We also continue looking for partnerships that help us go further together, like our work with the Fair Labor Association (FLA). We work to support innovation in this area because Under Armour believes the FLA sets rigorous benchmarks aimed at helping third-party manufacturers develop sustainable solutions to issues over time (See our Supplier Code of Conduct). Under Armour also recently joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). We look forward to helping lead toward an apparel, footwear, and textiles industry that produces no unnecessary environmental harm and has a positive impact on the people and communities associated with its activities.


Our Sustainability work is defined by key business issues, as well as what we learn from our stakeholders: including our customers, business partners, teammates, and others affected by Under Armour's business operations. For example, within our own operations, Under Armour is undergoing a company-wide process to create a framework for tracking the right sustainability metrics for our new Port Covington Campus. To enhance our communications with our internal and external stakeholders, in 2014, Under Armour began a formal materiality assessment process aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative G4 guidelines to identify the Sustainability issues that are material to our business, our customers, investors, suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders. This evolving process will guide our sustainability innovation initiatives and public reporting.

At Under Armour, we see environmental and social sustainability as a journey. As a next step in analyzing materiality issues, we WILL expand how we engage with our external stakeholders. Our revised Sustainability web pages are a report to you on our work and a step toward more detailed and public communication about our new and continuing initiatives. Just like the athletes we serve, we always look to improve our performance.

The overwhelming majority of our products are built by independent third-party manufacturers. They work directly with us as our business partners, or indirectly, through an agent or Under Armour licensees. They, too, work to build and Protect their Houses. Together with these businesses and the people who work for them, our supplier teammates, we work as a single global team despite being present in over 20 countries. We all live and work on a single planet, our global House.

Simply put, we're working hard to set and achieve our Sustainability goals. We look to work even more closely with our partners to protect the people who make our products, the places where they're made and where we operate. While we work hard, we know there is always more do to, areas for improvement, and areas where we're just getting started. We share complex challenges faced by others in our industry. We know no company or supply chain is perfectly sustainable. With careful reflection, good planning and the right infrastructure, we'll work to address our entire value chain: from the factory to Under Armour, from Under Armour to our customers, and beyond. We WILL Protect This House: Help us to Protect This House by sending us your comments about how we can improve our Sustainability program to