Tech Specs

It started with a simple plan to make a superior T-shirt. A shirt that provided compression and wicked perspiration off your skin rather than absorb it. A shirt that worked with your body to regulate temperature and enhance performance. From that first T-shirt nearly a decade ago, Under Armour® developed its unique line of microfiber gear and subsequently launched the performance product industry.

As collegiate and professional athletes, the founders of Under Armour® know firsthand the advantage of LockerTagTM heatseals. Not only has our signature LockerTagTM made awkward garment labels inside the shirt obsolete, it's fulfilled its original purpose: displaying the owner’s jersey number clearly and stylishly on each piece of our performance apparel. What was implemented out of necessity is now one of our most recognized trademarks.

PERFORMANCE FIBERS: From the laboratory to the locker room.
The Under Armour® fabric lab rides the forefront of performance apparel by engineering the latest textile innovations and introducing new technologies that continue to improve our products. This development process is then implemented into the Under Armour® gear line, which results in our exclusive combination of moisture wicking fabrics.